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Cancellations & Delays

Any cancellations or delays will be posted here. We will also leave a message on the school voicemail.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015: School Closed due to snow storm.

Saturday, January 24, 2015: School Closed; Open House cancelled.

December 9, 2014: We will be open but will open LATE today. We will be open by 2:30pm for the start of lessons.

February 13, 2014: School closed due to snow storm.

February 5, 2014: School closed due to snow storm.

Dec. 17, 2013: School closed due to incoming snowstorm. Please stay safe!

Tuesday, March 19: We have decided to close for the remainder of the day due to the snowstorm.

Friday, March 8: School closed today due to snowstorm.

Saturday, Febuary 9: Violin Recital scheduled for 5pm today has been cancelled. We will let you know when the recital has been rescheduled for.

Friday/Saturday, February 8/9, 2013: The school will be closed for the snow storm. No lessons. The violin studio recital scheduled for Sat. at 5pm will most likely be postponed. We will make a final decision about the recital Saturday morning (by 12pm) once we have a better idea of the snow totals and road conditions.

Saturday, February 9, 2013: Introductory Musikgarten classes have been postponed until Feb. 16 due to anticipated snowstorm. Any school cancellations for Friday and Saturday, Feb. 9/10 will be announced by 10am both mornings.

Monay, October 29, 2012: We will be closed due to the inclement weather.

Saturday, January 21, 2012: We will be closed today just to be on the safe side. We will still be performing at Mechanics Hall before the Hamburg Symphony Concert at 7pm.

Tuesday, December 6: We will be closing early. School will close at 5pm.

Monday, October 31: We are open but will be closing at 4pm today. No trombone or guitar lessons today.

Thursday, March 10: The school will open at 5pm due to an offsite meeting. All scheduled lessons will take place as planned.

Wednesday, February 2: The school will be closed today because of the snow/rain/ice storm. We will be open tomorrow (Thursday). Please call or email if you need anything today. Please stay safe! See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 1: The school will be closed today because of the snow storm. Please check back tomorrow for updates on whether the school will be open or not. Please call or email if you need anything! Please stay safe!

Thursday, January 27: School will be open today, but we will be opening late today to give the plows time to clear the roads. We should be open by 2/2:30pm today. See you later today! UPDATE: We have decided to remain closed for the day due to the high volume of cancellations. Please call or email if you need anything today. We will see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 18: School will be closing early (6pm) due to ice/bad weather. We'll see you tomorrow! Stay stay!

Wednesday, January 12: School Closed due to snow storm. Please stay home and be safe! If you need anything today, please email us or stop by and see us on Thursday. See you Thursday!