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Classes & Ensembles 2018-2019

Private Lessons

Please note: times and days for classes and ensembles subject to change.


Group Piano and Eurythmics Class for 4-7 Year Olds:
In this class, students will be introduced to the piano in a group setting. Students will be introduced to the foundations of piano playing as well as note reading and counting. Students will learn how to play simple songs on the piano. The last 15 minutes of each class will be dedicated to eurythmics, which focuses on using movement to learn rhythms, structures and musical expression. This is a great class to introduce students to music before starting
private lessons. Space is limited. Two 14-week sessions will be offered (fall and spring). Additional class times may be offered based on enrollment.

Fees: $350 per session
Days/Times: Saturdays, 9-9:45am; Session 1 October 6 through January 26. Session 2 February 2 through May 18.
Teacher: Maya Khoury
Location: Worcester

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**NEW** Broadway Voice Program:
We will be starting a new program that focuses on broadway music. Whether you are preparing for an audition or you want to learn more for your own personal enjoyment, this class will help you! It will be a 6 week class that meets once a week for an hour. During this time students will perform selections from a broadway musical that they have been working on in their lessons and get feedback from the director. Each student will get to perform each week. All ages are welcome; however, students must have prior vocal experience (lessons, choir, etc.) or must currently be enrolled in voice lessons (here at WMA or outside of the school). Space is limited, so register early. Registration deadline is February 28.

Fees: $200
Days/Times: Wednesdays 6:15-7:15pm; March 6-April 10
Teacher: Ken Richards
Location: Worcester

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Keyboard Ensemble:
The Keyboard Ensemble is designed to give piano students the opportunity to experience ensemble music making with other pianists. The class will include works and arrangements for 4-Hand Duets, works for multiple pianos featuring one student
per piano or any other combination thereof. The style of music for the class will not be limited to Classical music giving the students a more well-rounded musical experience. Students will be expected and required to come to the classes with their assigned parts
practiced as best as they can, as they are part of a larger music making experience. For piano students at intermediate level or above. Student Requirements:

* Students must be at least close to an intermediate level
* Prefer that students understand key signatures if not Major Scales/Minor Scales or are close to learning them.
* Prefer that students have some experience counting simple and compound duple and triple meters.
*Students must come to each class with their sheet music (preferably in a 3 ring binder) and a pencil for music marking.

Fees: $105 per month
Days/Times: Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm; Starts October 3
Teachers: Hansani Archibald
Location: Worcester

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Steel Drum Band:
Come have a blast playing in a steel drum band right here in Worcester! In this class students will make music using the warm sounds of the Jumbie Jam, a steel pan made by Panyard. Students will hae the opportunity to play and perform music in the styles such as Soca, Calypso, Reggae, and even some specific requests or compositions of their own. In this class we will explore things like common pan techniques, note reading, improviation, "engine room" percussion (drum set, cowbells, shakers, etc.) and even a little about the history and origins of the drum. Each student will have the opportunity to play either the melody, harmony or percussion for each song. There are several fun method and song books that we will work through along the way. But more than anything else, the goal of this class is to have fun playing plan in a friendly setting. You get your very own steel drum too (included in the fee)! For ages 7+ (adults welcome!). Additional bands may be created based on enrollment and ages.

Fees: $350 deposit for October; $105 per month starting in November.
Days/Times: Fridays 5-6pm; Starts October 5
Teachers: Phil Andrews
Location: Worcester

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High School Rock Band:
Be in a rock band this Fall! Students will collaborate throughout the year to create original rock songs, learn cover songs, take band photos, record a CD, create band merchandise, and perform live concerts in the community! This program will place emphasis on creativity, style, harmony and uniformity. Instruments for this group include guitars (acoustic or electric), bass, drums, vocals, piano/keyboard, ukulele, etc. Students will be placed in groups of 3-7 according to their age and instrument, and must have prior lesson experience on their chosen instrument to join. Participation in performances are mandatory. Visit our YouTube channel to hear and see our bands from previous years. A commitment for the school-year is required to participate. Additional bands
may be formed based on enrollment.

Fees: $105 per month
Days/Times: Mondays, 6-7pm
Teachers: Eric L'Esperance
Location: Worcester

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Additional Ensemble Opportunities:

Additional groups may be formed throughout the year based on interest. If you are interested in playing in a chamber music ensemble, please contact Sarah. Additional classes, ensembles and workshops may be added throughout the year. Please visit our website and Facebook page regularly for updates.

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