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Video & Audio Production Details:

We are excited to announce a new offering available through our school!  Our guitar/ukulele teacher, Eric L’Esperance, does a lot of music production in addition to his teaching and performing – so we are excited to start offering Professional Video and Audio Recording services.

Who this is for:

You have been working hard to practice and master your song performance. You would like a studio-quality recording of your piece for a recital, audition, or to share with your family and friends, but feel overwhelmed by the cost going to a professional studio. We would love to simplify this process for you!

The Cost: $300 (plus $25 per additional 15 minutes if the recordings takes more than 1 hour)

What’s included:

We will coordinate a one-hour session at the school to record and film your live musical performance. Eric will provide studio quality microphones, preamps, and anything else needed to capture your best sounds, and the video filming will take place while you are performing. The only thing you need to bring to the session is yourself and your instrument.

After the recording session, the video and audio will be professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered in Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro X using a suite of audio engineering software, including Waves, Softube, Melodyne, iZotope, and other plugin technology. At the end of the process, you will have a beautiful video and MP3 recording of your song to highlight your work and share with the world.

Wondering how to prepare? Practice, practice, practice so that you can play the entire piece through with little to no mistakes. The session includes one hour of recording time for you to give your best. The more prepared you are, the more polished the result will be! If more than one hour is needed for the recording session, an additional fee of $25 per 15 minutes will be included in the cost.

Check out an example of Eric’s work: check out the video above to see a video Eric made.

Reserve your session today! If you’re interested in reserving a session now or in the future for something you’re working on, let me know and we’ll set up a session with Eric for you.  Payment is due prior to the recording session.

Email Sarah to reserve your session today!

We look forward to
welcoming you to our family!

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