Andreas Triantafyllou, Piano

Dr. Andreas Triantafyllou was born and grew up in Greece and studied Music Theory and Composition, Piano Performance and Comparative Literature, in Greece, France, and the United States. He holds a Ph.D. in English and Music from the University of Edinburgh, an MA in Comparative Literature and Music from Washington University-in-St. Louis and an MA in Piano Performance from New York University, where he studied with Professor Seymour Bernstein. He received his Piano, Harmony and Fugue Diplomas with the Highest Distinction and Honors, from the National Conservatory of Athens, Greece and since then has given numerous recitals in Greece, France and the USA.

He is currently a Lecturer in Modern Greek at Boston College, where he is also a Freshmen Advisor. He is also coeditor of the Emerson College journal “The Journal of Civic Media” and co-translator of the book “Light Breeze in Paradise” by Carmen-Francesca Banciu ( PalmArt Press, 2017) and the author of several musical and literary studies. His doctoral dissertation compares the most significant music renditions of C. P. Cavafy’s poetry.
Besides his love of Romantic composers such as Sergei Rachmaninov, Frederic Chopin and Frantz Liszt, he specializes in Classical French composers such as Claude Debussy and Eric Satie whom he closely studied with the late Germaine Mounier at the Ecole de Musique “Alfred Cortot” in Paris, France, during the years 1991-1994.

 He is a concert pianist and has participated in several international piano competitions and comes to the Worcester Music Academy with a 20+ year teaching experience. In his free time, he likes playing piano with his daughter, discovering rare music performances, sailing and traveling. He currently lives in Cambridge, MA, with his wife and their daughter.

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