WMA Preparatory Programs

An Intensive Musical Training Program~

What is it?

The WMA Prep Program is an intensive musical training program geared for students who are interested in pursuing music in college or as a career, or for those looking for a more in depth musical education.

What’s involved?

There are 4 levels of the Prep Program. Each level has its own requirements. All students accepted into the program start at Level 1. Each level is set up to take a year to complete; However, it may take longer for some students to finish each level depending on their age. Required components for each level include: private lessons, music theory, music history, ear training, sight­singing, performance classes, and recital performances (and more). Students will need to meet technical requirements as determined by their instrument for each level and must do a performance jury at the end of each year (or semester) in order to move to the next level. There will also be written exams for theory and music history, as well as exams in ear training and sight­singing. An accelerated program will be offered for high school students which will combine the 4 levels into 2 levels.

How do you join the program?

Interested students should fill out a Prep Program Application. In addition, students will need to get a letter of recommendation from their private teacher and do an audition. An interview with the director (Sarah) may also be required. Audition material: 2 contrasting pieces or movements as well as scales (representative of what you are working on).

What do you get from this?  How does it compare to other programs?

Students who are accepted into and complete the program should enter a college music program with a solid foundation for their collegiate musical studies. Students may even be able to test out of certain introductory music classes or be placed in higher level classes based on their entrance exams. Even if students are not able to complete all 4 levels before going to college, he/she should still be able to do well on entrance exams. In addition, students also get the option of participating in our new teacher training program during Level 4, giving them hands on experience on how to teach private lessons so they can build their own teaching studio someday.

There is currently no program like this anywhere near Worcester. To be a part of a program like this, you would have to go into Boston, where the programs are far more expensive. If you add up all the components that we are offering in our program, you would be paying approximately $1100 a month for the same classes in Boston.

Weekly classes are 60 minutes in length. Monthly classes will be an hour in length. All students will be required to attend live concerts and write up concert reviews.  Recitals throughout the year are also required of all students.  Complete course descriptions will be provided prior to start of program.

Classes will meet at different times during the week (to be determined). Private lessons to be scheduled as usual according to teacher availability. Prep program starts September and follows the WMA school year calendar.

What’s Next?

Interested students should fill out the attached application and submit required application materials. An audition will be scheduled upon receipt of application.

How much does it cost?

For each level, you can choose between taking 45 minute or 60 minute private lessons. Fees are based on which option you choose:

*Accel = Accelerated Prices subject to change.

Overview of Requirements for Each Level

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Private Lessons W Private Lessons W Private Lessons W Private Lessons W
Theory 1 W Theory 2 W Theory 3 W Theory 4 W
Ear Training/Sight Singing 1 WEar Training/Sight Singing 2 WEar Training/Sight Singing 3 WEar Training/Sight Singing 4 W
Performance Class M Performance Class M Performance Class M Performance Class M
Concert Attendance MConcert Attendance MConcert Attendance MConcert Attendance M
Music History 1 W Music History 2 W Music History 3 W Music History 4 W
Recitals Recitals Recitals Recitals
Introductory Musicianship Class W Ensemble WEnsemble WEnsemble W
Juries/Exams Y Juries/Exams Y Juries/Exams Y Juries/Exams Y
Auditions MCollege Auditions/Music Careers MEntrepreneurship Project W
Half Recital Full Recital

*Accelerated program will combine levels 1/2 and 3/4 to create a 2 year program.
W=weekly class M=monthly class Y=yearly

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